Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the result of a strategic alliance between Malaysia’s first of eleven Public Universities.

Whilst OUM’s recognised programs of high academic standing remain comparable to that of every consortium partner, the Vice-Chancellors of the coalition of Public Universities embarked on a strategic move with the aim to open a key window of opportunity that will help to advance the capabilities and prospects of career-minded working adults.

This window of opportunity is designed to provide every working adult with an avenue to enhance their competencies and add value to their careers through a range of professional awards-based programmes; and thereafter, operate effectively and efficiently in today’s highly competitive environment.

As a result, the collective purpose gave rise to the formation of a dedicated professional learning and development centre which functions under the banner and auspices of OUM.

Called the Institute of Professional Development-Open University Malaysia (IPD-OUM), the Centre is dedicated to supporting the learning and development needs of working adults by providing a variety of professional programmes that are innovative, contemporary and relevant.

Officially founded in the year 2000, IPD-OUM’s activities has benefited career-minded working adults in Malaysia as well as selected international locations such as Bahrain and Sudan.

To provide cutting-edge and applicable career development programmes for working adults, IPD-OUM has developed an extensive network of strategic alliances with recognised local and international experts. Their individual and collective expertise continues to expand the repertoire and quality of relevant professional programmes that reflect industry needs.

In the process, IPD-OUM has brought to bear the collective expertise of industry practitioners and academia upon programme structure, module curriculum as well as module delivery. Working adults now have the opportunity to study, learn and secure awards that help to step-up their capabilities, and to use them immediately at work.

In addition, IPD-OUM’s repertoire of professional programmes is highly responsive to the nature and demands of the current working environment. Individuals need to be equipped with skill-sets that will help them to not only cope with demands from their working environment but to also be proactive in planning, execution and overall management.

As a result, IPD-OUM continues to hone its learning and development methodologies that reconcile both academia and industry practice. Lectures are value-added by seminars delivered by industry practitioners, discourses with industry practitioners, a plethora of relevant case studies, as well as individual and team projects.

A combination of intense professionalism, experience and excellence continues to drive programme development and management at IPD-OUM. This posture together with extensive resources makes IPD-OUM an excellent and inspiring learning environment for career-minded working adults.

The recognition garnered by IPD-OUM is best attested by the following organisations that continue to support human capital development by investing in the acquisition of IPD-OUM professional qualifications by their staff: Nestle, Toyota Boshuku, Dumex, PNB Investment, Malaysian Financial Planning Council, AEON Group, Samsung, Mydin, NIOSH, Panasonic Malaysia and others.