Student's Testimonials

Teh Leok Hui
Name:: Teh Leok Hui
Programmes: Executive Diploma in Preventive Health and Nutrition
I have known about the Executive Diploma in Preventive Health & Nutrition course, conducted by Open University, for a few years, but I did not think it would be beneficial to attend such course as I thought it would be like those commercial courses that other organizations conducted. However, my perspective changed when I met two ex-graduates from the course. One of them, who was in his 50s, had lost weight, and become fit and healthy. The other one, a farmer in his late 50s, was able to give a health talk with correct facts and knowledge. I was very impressed and decided to register myself for the course. It proved to be a wise move. I have learnt a lot about nutritional and health, subjects that were not taught in my university years.

I started the course in September 2012. Applying my newly acquired knowledge from the course, I started to lose about 7 kg since January 2013. I felt lighter, livelier and more alert. I am now more confident in sharing about the preventive nutrition and health with my families and friends. I strongly encourage everyone else to attend this course as it is the first step to take charge of your own health, and help others to be aware of being healthy.
Name:: Daniel Chia Han Yong
Daniel Chia Han Yong
Programmes: Professional Certificate in Sales - Nestle
When I first saw the email on Nestle Sales College regarding Professional Certificate in Sales the title was, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. It was the tagline that caught my eyes and made me want to find out about the programme and how it can contribute to my self-improvement. After some considerations, I took up the courage to sign up for the program despite the fact that I had just recently transferred from Singapore to Malaysia and had a career change from the field of technical to human resource. It was an awesome experience for me and I would recommend this course to anyone that wants to have a foundation understanding of the commercial aspects of business. The programme also gave me the confidence to sign up for a Master degree in Human Resource Management.

Thanks to OUM and Nestle for such a wonderful program.
Mohd Najib Mat Isa
Name:: Mohd Najib Mat Isa
Programmes: Industrial Executive Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health Labuan 2011
OUM memberi peluang kepada saya untuk meningkatkan lagi tahap pengetahuan saya dalam dunia OSH yang sangat mencabar. Pada hari ini, ilmu OSH menjadi sangat penting bagi memastikan tahap keselamatan di tempat kerja terjamin. Dengan adanya kursus ini, saya dapat meningkatkan lagi ilmu OSH saya dan menggunakan ilmu tersebut di tempat kerja. Saya mendapati corak pembelajaran di IPD OUM sangat sesuai untuk golongan pekerja seperti saya. Masa yang sesuai dan corak penyampaian yang berkesan menjadikan kursus ini sangat menarik dan terbaik setakat ini.

Pelajar tidak hanya dinilai daripada segi markah peperiksaan sahaja tetapi pelajar juga akan dinilai daripada segi keupayaan menyiapkan kertas kerja dan "mini tesis". Ini akan membolehkan pelajar mengunakan dan menpraktikkan segala ilmu yang diperolehi dalam dunia OSH yang sebenar. Saya sangat berterima kasih kepada IPD OUM kerana menawarkan kursus ini kerana ia adalah peluang untuk saya mengembangkan lagi kerjaya saya di dalam dunia OSH dan O&G.
Name:: Jamaluddin Wahab
Jamaluddin Wahab
Programmes: Professional Certificate In Caregivers
Saya amat bersyukur kerana diberi peluang utk menimba ilmu dlm program OUM ini kerana modul yg diajar dapat saya praktikkan di institusi yang saya usahakan ini. Ia juga amat berguna kepada smua pengusaha taska,tadika dan juga rumah-rumah kebajikan walaupun organisasi sedemikian adalah badan bukan kerajaan (NGO). Program ini meningkatkan lagi daya kepimpinan dan ketrampilan serta dapat membantu kami menaik taraf rumah kebajikan di bawah tanggungjawab kami. Saya sedar pentingnya mempunyai wawasan yg cemerlang demi membantu golongan-golongan sasar yang memerlukan sokongan kami. Terima kasih kepada OUM/MAKPEM atas peluang dan ruang yg diberikan kepada saya. Tidak lupa juga buat isteri saya dan semua kenalan yang sentiasa menyokong dan memberi tunjuk ajar kepada saya sehingga dapat menggenggam skrol impian semua insan.
Lai Yoke Peng
Name:: Lai Yoke Peng
Programmes: Post-Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning
I have been searching for an affordable SAP courses for quite some time. SAP courses as many knew is costly as it is rich in functionalities. I have a limited budget to enroll myself into any SAP courses until I found out about “Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning” course offered by Lithan education, a joint venture with the Institute of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia.

The course duration is ten months and it contains important modules for entrance into the SAP working career. The materials are easy to understand and the course was taught in a systematically way using simple and direct language. This course focused more on practical and hands on rather than theory which is easy for students to understand and relate.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone whom would like to enter into SAP career.
Name:: Goh Wan Lan
Goh Wan Lan
Programmes: Executive Diploma In Building And Facilities Management
My decision to continue education in Building and Facilities Management at IPD-OUM has benefitted me in many ways. The management techniques I learnt have assisted me to manage buildings and facilities, polish my communication skills more effectively, and improve my professionalism at the workplace.

I would encourage and recommend anyone who wishes to improve and widen his horizon and career opportunities to study at IPD-OUM. They can benefit from thehands-on approach and the experiences of dedicated lecturers.

I believe experiences can be shared, insights can be learned, and wisdom can be taught. Nothing is impossibleif you have passion, commitment and will.I came, I learned, and I achieved my ambition and dream to have a better quality of life and self-empowerment.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; 
itis the courage to continue that counts.

- Winston Churchill -

Stacy Tan
Name:: Stacy Tan
Programmes: Professional Diploma in Counselling Psychology
I signed up for the Professional Diploma in Counselling Psychology in 2011 out of pure curiosity. Back then, my perception was that counselling is about helping others.

In the journey with this programme, I discovered that counselling is more than just the art of juggling between the different approaches and types; it is also a window to further understand myself. Taking up this programme has allowed me to deal with my past and to build up more courage to open up my feelings with others.

The programme offered a rich diversity of course-mates from different backgrounds, ethnic and age groups, whilst offering an interactive, encouraging and open arena for sharing of thoughts, values and feelings. The faculty possess extensive experiences in their own areas of specialisation and challenge the students with complex assignments.

Through this journey of ongoing self-reflection and personal development, I have gained a higher level of self-awareness.
Name:: Harminder Kaur A/P Harnidal Singh
Harminder Kaur A/P Harnidal Singh
Programmes: Professional Diploma In Special Education
Undertaking the PDSE programme was not altogether altruistic for me. Some of my course mates were motivated by fine sentiments like volunteerism and helping the needy but my motivations were borne out of my limitations as a learning facilitator. I often found myself at a loss when dealing with both typical and atypical children whom I encountered over the years as an educator. Some of those children I had to turn away because of my lack of expertise, knowledge and awareness and others I worked with but with limited success. I realised that I needed more education and guidance.

The affordability of the PDSE, its modular layout and practical approach to learning offered a person like me a stepping stone for improvement. From this I could arm myself with the necessary knowledge to work more successfully with the uniqueness of each special needs student entrusted to me. During my PDSE journey, I was fortunate to encounter some truly exceptional course mates and to learn from some very passionate teachers who made learning both fun and enriching. What has stayed with me long after the culmination of the programme is that knowledge and awareness are truly empowering.